GYAN on The Snow Leopard Expedition…In search of the Grey Ghost


Come winter and the the primal need to feel the cheer of the snow in the mountains sets in. It is a pleasantly lingering caress in the heart for any traveler and mountain lover.
If you have not been to Spiti in the winter and not witnessed the wonder that is Spiti covered in white, then my friend, this is it…You have to head out this December/January/February/March and experience Spiti in its best avtar. This is the time when the extremely shy Snow Leopard, also known as the Ounce is likely to be spotted.

Some of the highlights of the trip:
a. Snow Leopard excursion in the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary
b. Spotting exotic fauna
c. Drive through the snow covered valleys of Spiti, Kinnaur, Sarhan
d. visit to some of the highest villages in Spiti
e. visit to ancient monasteries in Dhankar, Tabo etc
f. insight into the daily lives…

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