We love travel. We love the sights, sounds, textures and smells of vibrant cultures. And we see our mission as getting you close to the people, the secret places and the magic moments that ordinary tourists simply don’t get to see.

Besides our team of professionals, we work with local professional guides to astonish and delight your senses, looking beyond the touristic obvious for the rare, the unusual, the secret spots and the hidden gems.

We do intelligent travel. Working with locals, we customize our holidays to take you ‘deep’. Not just the history, but also the present, the people and cultural experiences that authentically define a destination. Based in the lap of the The Greater Himalayan Range in Haripur, Manali; Mountaineerz is a team of enthusiasts and professionals. From exploring major attractions to hidden gems off the beaten path, we DO beyond the obvious to help plan an itinerary that works for you, whatever your time and budget.

THE MOUNTAINEERZ GUARANTEE: With our every escapade we bring you closer to the best of adventure travel. Mountaineerz brings you an experience that encompasses the quiet and the wild, the divine, the exotic and the spiritual.

At Mountaineerz, we love the life we live because we live the life we love. If you would like to experience stuff that gives us the rush, just call us or drop in a mail and we will get back to you promptly.

Ph. +91- 980 537 9767.

8 thoughts on “Mountaineerz

  1. Hello all…thanks for your appreciation….I would like to invite all to join us for the Trail of the Grey Ghost:…The Snow Leopard of The Himalaya. This is an intensive road trip starting from Delhi/Chandigarh/Shimla and then onto the frozen Spiti in the months of December to February. We will battle the harsh winter in Spiti to get a flavour of how the natives survive the winter. The main attraction, of course, will be spotting and scouting for sightings of the Snow Leopard, also called the Ounce.
    An extremely shy feline, the Snow Leopard is unfortunately and endangered species and sighting it is a rare fortune many get to experience. Thankfully for us we will be under the guidance of experienced and native guides and spotters who will tell us where the probability of the sightings is the highest.
    So, let’s all gear up for riding through Spiti and next to the GREY GHOST…#Snow Leopard of the Himalayas.
    DO call us or follow us for more details…

  2. This trek sounds amazing. My adult son and I are very interested in tackling it in November. We are looking for a trek with a bit of extra luxury, I don’t want to carry a lot of gear, I want a warm place to sleep and I want to feel safe. Can you let me know if this sounds like you?

    • Hi Jo, i just saw your message. Yes, it does sound like us … and this is one incredible trek far far away from the crowd…it would be our pleasure to provide you with that extra bit of luxury, ponies for your bags, spacious tents, thick foam or inflatable luxury mats, new sleeping bags etc. we are almost 8 years old now with an impeccable safety record as we strictly adhere to the ‘Mountaineerz Safety protocol’.
      we can take this forward on or call/whatsapp – +91- 9805379767, 8447733017
      Parminder Sandhu

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